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Apartments in Świnoujście
Świnoujście – The land of 44 islands.

How to relax in this charming town located on the islands?

You are just here. All the problems are behind you. After all, you can take a deep breath of the seaside air and think about how to rest in order to recharge your batteries with positive energy that will be enough for your following trip. You are in the right place. Here, you can rest as you like or experience something completely new. Świnoujście is a place focused on providing tourists with the most diverse forms of rest and recreation, and we will advise you what to pay attention to.

Enjoy the charms of nature. We associate Świnoujście with the beach and the sea in the first place. In fact, Świnoujście has the most beautiful beaches on the Polish coast. They are 200 m wide and 4 km long. A real windfall for those who like sea bathing, relaxing on the beach as well as romantic walks in the rays of the setting sun.  While in Świnoujście, it is worth visiting the Bird Sanctuary on Karsiborska Kępa, the Natural Education Square or the Karsibór Ferns Reserve. What is more, the Wolin National Park is only 18 km away.


Actively, spontaneously and easily. For two or with the family. Rest while collecting sunny memories.

Rest actively. Once you are satisfied with the charm of lazy sunbathing, you may want to experience the pleasure of holiday activities. Are you an avid cyclist?  We recommend the following bicycle routes: Świdny Las, Round the Island of Karsibór or the Feininger’s one. If you prefer hiking, go along the Fortification Route or the Route of St. James. You can also fish and catch such fish as a great specimen of zander, pike or bream. And when you feel the desire to have fun, a lot of laughter and an upsurge of adrenaline, we recommend windsurfing, kitesurfing or kayaking. You cannot do it yet? Learn on the spot. You will find schools teaching water sports for both adults and children in Świnoujście. Great fun together is absolutely certain.

Surround yourself with luxury. Villa 44, where our apartments are located, is a league of its own. The surroundings of trees, stylish facade, luxurious interior and high standard of equipment of the apartments will surely make you smile and feel good.  It is also worth mentioning that Villa 44 is located in an intimate part of Świnoujście – 120 m from the sea, near the promenade. Therefore, after an eventful day, you can come and relax in a place that is favourable to peaceful rest, to gain strength and desire for further holiday adventures.

Not just for holidays. We rent apartments all year round, so you can rent them for a business trip or a conference.


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